Born to a doctor and a nurse in Anaheim, California in 1986, my interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body developed at an early age. However, it was not until I began my studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2004 that I began to delve deeper into my inspiration. I often distrust my body, not believing it can function independent of my help. I think of bodies as fragile equilibriums, where so many things can go wrong, and what is to stop them from doing so? This investigation in combination with my attraction to all things visceral is what fuels my work. I am increasingly drawn to luscious colors, slimy surfaces, dripping fluid, overall squishiness. But, I cannot abandon my other love of all things pretty, so to satisfy this need, I work in ornate patterns, dramatic lighting, delicate details, and occasionally flora. The result is an intrigue fed by the fine line between the grotesque and the beautiful, the relationship between repulsion and fascination. While my works tend to sway from properly gruesome to less gory and back again, the desire of expression remains: to depict these fragments of our internal make-up as being as beautiful as they are vital, entirely worthy of investigation and veneration.

Curriculum Vitae