To start with, here is December! As the final skull for 2014, I think this one may be my favorite (perhaps tied with May). December’s birthstone is turquoise, which I chose to paint in a Lady Liberty-esque spiked crown. I feel it strikes a balance between pretty and edgy (with a dash of tribal thrown in). Forming the band of the crown a wreath of holly blooms and buds. Commonly, December’s birth flower is said to be narcissus, with holly as an alternative. However, as narcissus is just another name for daffodil, which is March’s birth flower. So, not wanting to repeat myself, I went with holly, which is also highly appropriate for the season. The holly flower represents foresight and domestic bliss (which foresight can often be helpful for, right?).

Don’t go yet! I want to leave you with a very sincere thank you to all of you who have stuck by me this year, and those of you who have joined along the way (not to mention my pleased amazement that some of you have been on board with me even longer). I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I hope to have a printed full 2015 calendar with this year’s images available in my shop within the coming week or two, so stay tuned!

december calendar

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