Better late than never, right?*

Some say November’s birthstone is topaz, and some say citrine. My mother and eldest sister happen to be November babies, and my mom┬áhas always said it was topaz, so that’s what I decided to go with! November’s flower is the chrysanthemum, which comes in many hues. I chose to paint in orange tones to coordinate with the stone, and in honor of all things pumpkin, because who doesn’t love pumpkin? As for their meaning, well, that’s a bit difficult. Red chrysanthemums mean love, and yellow mean slighted love, so let’s just go with a compromise of fickle┬álove (in case you’re confused about how I came to that conclusion, red+yellow= orange, so love+no love= semi-love). And, in case you were wondering, white chrysanthemums symbolize truth. Happy pumpkin season, everyone!

* Allow me to explain. I work at a school (my former middle and high school, in fact), partially teaching ceramics and partially working as costume coordinator and set painter for the school theater productions. No matter how much I resolve to plan ahead and get the calendar done early, there is always more last-minute work to do for the plays than I have anticipated. And so, the last two weeks have consisted of late nights and last-minute prop-making and costume adjustments. I can’t ever let the kids down, so I have to (temporarily) let you down. My sincerest apologies, and thank you, as ever, for your support.

november calendar

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